Human Rights in Africa for ex London escort

In the West, we often take our basic human rights for granted, but in some parts of the world it can be much more of a struggle. Even the right to freedom of speech is not granted in some countries, with those that do speak their mind potentially facing very serious consequences.

Raising Awareness

One  PalaceVIP  London escort visited Africa on a business trip a few years ago and was taken back at how so many people there are not allowed to speak out without fear or repercussion. She felt that this was very wrong and decided that she would try and help do something about it. London escort Naomi, who has been an escort for 6 years, says that she has done a lot of work with groups whose role it is to raise awareness of these issues and encourage the authorities to address them.

An Ambassador for Free Speech

One human rights group was so impressed with Naomi’s efforts that they felt she would be the ideal person to be an ambassador for human rights and employer her to speak on their behalf. It involved a lot of travel and can be very hard work, but Naomi has found it to be a great experience and all of her expenses are paid for by the group.

So far Naomi has travelled to several African nations to speak out on Human rights issues and she has even met with some countries’ leaders.