Challenges to Human Rights in Africa


Human rights in most of the African countries have been belittled by both the local governments and the international community. It is meritorious to point out that most of the international human rights agreements took place while most of the African states were enthralled by the colonialists.

Most of these African countries acquired independence by the year 1960. The freedom fighters in these African countries fought for independence footing their tilt on human rights. Signing and embracing of the human rights treaties were done by the African countries to safeguard the freedom fighters together with their mother countries.

However, the discourse of African human rights is tied to conditionality, hypocrisy and selective enforcement. The USA and certain European governments behave as if they are the main enforcers and defenders of human rights. This behavior has stimulated repercussions on the African states and other destitute countries. Albeit this human rights issues, there has been a tremendous growth of African human rights groups to fight for their rights.

There are sundry of challenges affecting the effective administration of human rights in Africa. They include;

Manipulation of human rights disquisition by the Western States.

Most of the Western governments are still in control of the administration of human rights in many African countries. These governments administer policies which are not friendly to the people of Africa such as torturing prisoners’ i.e. Guantanamo Bay and modern day slavery. This signifies that however, the West countries came up with the human rights and still try to enforce them, they aren’t the preferred human rights enforcers.

Parroting of the NGO’s on all Western critics to build their authenticity.

A lot of NGO’s found in the African countries try as much as possible to build the genuineness of the Western governments through spreading false critics. The African people are capable of defending their human rights organizations to fight for their rights.

Education of the human rights organizations about local, regional and national instruments.

Most of the African human rights activist groups are merely versed with international human rights documents as compared to the local human rights documents. Establishment of the Human Rights African charter and shortly the Court of Africa will help protect, enforce and defend human rights in the African states.


Trifle progress in the cultural, economic and social rights.

Very little awareness has been channeled concerning the cultural, economic and social African human rights as compared to the civil rights. A right to life cannot be achieved without achieving the complementary rights to the human life such as economic rights. This has greatly led to the outstanding poverty levels in the African continent.

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