Don’t Take Your Human Rights for Granted

Don’t Take Your Human Rights for Granted

If you are reading this, the chances are that you are relatively fortunate. Many people across the world don’t have access to the internet or education. Many people even struggle to find enough food on a daily basis. In the west, it is easy for us to take for granted the rights that we have. We have food to eat, our children go to school and we barely even think about it. One former escort is raising awareness of just how fortunate so many of us are.

A Humbling Experience

While travelling in Asia once, former escort from www.palaceVIP Jenny had quite a humbling experience. She spent some time with a community in Cambodia, and got to realise just how tough some people have it. “I used to complain when the tap was leaking”, said Jenny. “Some people in the world barely even have enough safe drinking water”. “A leaking tap would be a luxury to them, they would have no complaints”, she added. “So many of us just have no idea how fortunate we are”, she continued. “Every day we take for granted the great things that we have”.

Spreading the Word

Jenny feels that, by letting others aware of the plight of the poor, more people will help. “Most people are inherently good people”, said Jenny. “Most will be happy to help, if only they were aware of the need”. “I am looking to raise awareness of the plight of the poor in Asia”, she added. “If it helps to make just one family’s life easier, it will be well worth it”, she finished.



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