Meet Your Perfect Companion for a Trip to Africa – maybe an escort from London?

Africa is an enormous continent that compromises many different nations. Every year people head to the African continent for business or for pleasure. Visitors to Africa often remark that it is a magical place, and that they can’t wait to return. Africa is quite a culture shock to many people though, making it a daunting destination for new visitors. Some people might prefer to head to a destination less challenging. Others may have no choice because of business commitments.

One way to make the trip less daunting is to go with another person that is familiar with visiting the continent. The good news is that a PalaceVIP escort is making herself available as a companion to people wishing to visit the continent for the first time.

A Second Home

Lizzy, 32, is based in London as an escort but makes regular trips to Africa. “I first came over as a volunteer a few years ago and still return when I can”, she said. “There are still many, many people in Africa in need of help and every time I come I use it as a way to raise awareness”, she added. “I’ve visited many African nations and am familiar with different practices and customs”, she said. “Anybody that is with me can be confident that they have a companion that knows what to do”, she added.

“Africa is like a second home to me so I know how to make my companions feel welcome here”, she added. “Of course, the African people themselves are mostly responsible for that, I can’t take all the credit”. “The African people are among the most welcoming I have ever met”

A Good Cause

In addition to making a great travel companion, Lizzy also uses her trips top Africa for charitable reasons. While she doesn’t expect her companions to get involved with her charity work, just asking Lizzy to join you is helping to contribute to a good cause.

“I usually just ask for a few hours or so during my stay to do some charity work”, she said. “My companions are welcome to join me but I understand if they have other things to do”. “I can schedule my charity work to fit in with my companions if are busy with other things”. “The rest of the time I am free to help make sure that we both get to enjoy the wonderful continent as much as possible”, she concluded.

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